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Olympic Energy Systems, Inc.
Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. is a system development firm based on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State USA.  The company provides expertise and support as an advocate, architect, and consultant to clients considering or adopting renewable energy systems - solar electric, solar hot water, wind power, hydro power, and other systems, on or off the utility grid, residential, commercial, institutional. Since 2001.

          [click]        We have two offices, a main office in Washington State and a production office in Ohio:
    Port Angeles WA (360) 301-5133 (main)     Huron OH (360) 301-5133 (days)

primarily serving Jefferson, Clallam, Kitsap, and Lewis Counties in Washington State
and Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Hancock, Wood, and Wayne Counties in Ohio State.  We are transitioning from a solar development firm to a solar panel mounting system manufacturer, with 2016 our breakout year.  We will continue to consult on solar projects, but we will primarily produce, market, and sell the G1M and R1X for mounting, with the R1X available in 2018 for arrays in 2x3P segments, as for longer roofs or two-roof arrays (for East/West orientations).  The R1X is economical, as it uses a subset of the components used on the R1S (designed for shop roofs and other modest length roofs).

SEE our ad in North American Clean Energy Jan/Feb 2019 highlighting the TCS mounts on page 59.
SEE our TCS Website for evaluating and buying the TCS Kits.

                              FIRST Production TCS R1X-mounted Solar Array Installed
Low Impact, Low Labor Cost, Expands in 2x3P Arrays, Mounts any Framed Solar Panel, Available in Kits,
Off The Shelf Uni-Strut Rails, 90 mph Wind withstand, MADE IN OHIO, Patented, Buy as Kits or Installed!

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. has developed the Tensioned Cable System (TCS) for mounting solar panels, without roof penetrations or permanent ground footings.  A related program, the Consolidated Solar Program (CSP), expands the benefits of solar by linking a network of independent solar power producers with Electric Vehicle Charging Station providers and Electric Vehicle owners, providing 100% solar electricity to the emerging Electric Vehicle market.  READ MORE about the TCS and CSP here.


They are in the Yellow Pages under
Electrical Contractors Let us coordinate your next solar project with your electrician.  Olympic Energy Systems provides the solar expertise to licensed electricians, who apply their extensive installation skills to your project, which is worked to a permit and inspected.


Implement sustainable energy systems through the application of basic science, engineering principles, and innovation, promoting involvement of local contractors, technicians, and workers while enhancing understanding of global implications of our individual and mutual actions.

OES TCS G1 over 3 years after installation
(The Metal Stanchion design is now available)
and INTRODUCING the All Metal G1M...[click pics below]

A second array was added in 2015
Solar panels are part of the bigger picture in this 2013 installation
using the OES developed overlay system for metal roofs.

Custom Battery Box (2015)
Energy Storage will become popular - on or off the grid

In 2014, lower PV prices and larger scale systems
combine for a < $3 per watt installation!
Good financial incentives provide for a net < $2 per watt.

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. has consistently developed the lowest cost solar electric systems in western Washington State since 2001, through its client advocacy and independent developer role and virtual company of contractors and specialists.
Our role is changing with the advent of our patented TCS solar panel mounting systems, with a new emphasis on developing sustainable components, as well as systems.

Our Team (Org Chart)

Our Letter of Introduction applies to just about all of you.
Learn about the Net Cost Valley we are all in now
and how it drives investment in solar NOW.
Our last previous format RE News (Fall 2010) is here!  Review it for a glance into what we do.
The newsletter highlighted the prototyping efforts on our new mounting system.
We are transitioning from a quarterly printed to a monthly emailed newsletter OES News.
News - March 2011 officially announces our production TCS solar panel mounting system.
See also News - April 2011 News - May 2011 a recent monthly News - June 2011, where we talk about the Smart Grid, Electric Vehicles, and some industry news, and the next News - July 2011.
We introduce the Universal Pivot Joint for the R1 system in News - August 2011.
NEW Inquiries: Our Client Advocate role is discussed in News - September 2011.
A FAREWELL to Princess in our News - October 2011.
The First TCS Ground Mount - the G1 - is Installed, shown in News - Summer 2012
Small and Simple Solar, G1 Patent Approval, RE World Conference, and more in News - Spring 2013
Solar energy systems installed for less than $3 per watt and TCS updates in News - Fall 2014

It's official!  The solar Federal Tax Credit has been extended
beyond 2016 until 2019 [30%]

2020 [26%] , 2021 [22%], and 2022+ [0%, except 10% non residential/3rd Party]

A Message from the President  [click]

Our small, cost effective solar solutions 
Small and Simple Solar has arrived!  Big Savings with low initial investment and real returns.
OES breaks $4/watt installed grid-tied solar!  An off-grid can cost 1/2 that of a tie to the grid!

Summary of our technological FIRSTS

A glance at Solar Farms:

READ about our new non-roof-penetrating Tensioned Cable Solar Panel Mounting System
now under commercial development with Patent Pending - CALL for details.

Solar Projects Sow Tension
The debate is about fertile Farmland v. Large Solar Farms,
but this is where the OES TCS can preclude the issue!
Small, Redeployable, Locally-owned, preserving the Rural Character...TCS!
READ about this growing issue...[Source: Wall Street Journal]

The Solar SWEET SPOT is here!
30 KW Solar Farms
CLICK for a summary]

TCS Introduction

In Work: TCS R1 & G1 Design Guide 

In Work:
TCS Specification Sheet

A good place to start is here: Our Brochure for the TCS [Click here NOW]

Our 3 Minute VIDEO INTRO to the TCS

Thanks to the students at the University of Findlay (Ohio) for this descriptive company VIDEO, which introduces our team and our current and new products.  Here is a look at the start of installation of the University's new ground mount system - the TCS G1...

TCS G1 piers for solar in foreground. 
Wind tower base in background. April 2012.

TCS G1 used in a 2.7 KW solar electric system 
at the University of Findlay in Ohio. June 2012
TAKE A WALKING TOUR (a short video) [click]

The Tensioned Cable System (TCS) is now in production.

Lowest Cost Mounting 
No Ground Foundations
 R1      G1

Complete Roof kits using our innovative patent pending tensioned cable design can be selected with  the comprehensive [work in progress] TCS R1 Installation Manual, which provides guidance to understanding the tensioned cable mounting approach.
There are systems to mount on one roof face (R1G), both faces of a gable roof (R1E), & long roofs (R1S).
There are systems to mount on commercial flat roofs (C1) using our S-DOC approach...ask about it.

Complete Ground kits for single string 
solar electric systems using the innovative patented tensioned cable design are outlined in our [work in progress]
 TCS G1 Installation Manual.
Multiple ground strings are implemented with multiple ground mount kits.

Full customer support gladly provided with each Inquiry.  ALL parts for mounting are included in kits, except for standard sized rails (uni-strut) readily available in local supply stores (that saves you shipping!)

 Off-Grid System

  Ground Mount
Pre-Production Model                   

How is MARATHON PRETROLEUM helping Olympic Energy Systems and you?  Read.

All you really need to know about Solar PV

Click for 15 highlighted Solar Electric Projects
Click for 10 selected Solar Thermal Systems

WHO WE ARE [pdf]

(Reading the linked pdf could be simpler than reviewing this 10+ year old website, which has admittedly grown to have too much information, with perhaps some of it dated and superceded by current events.  We'll fix it soon.)

WHAT is in store?  Click
for a local Solar Design Center...

Some Bold and Old NEWS

See what we have been doing in OHIO and other midwest states...
See what First Solar has been doing, like breaking $1 per watt PV cost!

Press Release

(by the Solar Energy Industry Association)

"Federal Solar Tax Credits Extended for 8 years, US Poised to Become Largest Solar Market in the World"

On October 3, 2008 the US House of Representatives passed H.R. 1424,
the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008...

30% federal investment tax credit extended for both residential and commercial applications for 8 years, for solar energy systems placed into service after December 31, 2008
NOTE: The $2,000 cap for residential is eliminated!

The Latest! Press Release
(by ACORE - American Council On Renewable Energy)

"The Congress has passed and the President has signed the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009..."

The implications for local solar and other energy projects is positive.
Read up on this
Recovery Bill .
Three year extension of the Production Tax Credit (including Hydro)
Investment Tax Credit Accessible to All Renewable Energy
Grant Programs and Credits
Direct Spending in RE
Grid Development
Demonstration Projects
Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs)
RE Loan Guarantee Program

Click Federal TAX CREDITS Summary (Windows, Water Heaters, etc.)

CALL US to talk about the Payment in Lieu of Tax Credit Option - "Section 1603"

Click Washington (State) Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

For Those in Washington State...
(SB6170 has extended renewable energy incentives)
The Production Incentive is extended to 2020 (paid annually).
The State Sales Tax Exemption for Solar Electric (not Hot Water) is extended to June 30, 2013.
(The extension of these incentives allow for a POSITIVE Present Worth for investments in Grid-Tied Solar PV Systems.  Some utilites do not offer rebates on the System Cost, but put into perspective, this is equivalent to only about a 10% reduction in the Solar Insolation Level at the site.  The utility premium payment for each KWh produced by solar is valuable to all owners, with very few other states implementing such a progressive incentive.)

The Washington State manufactured PV Panels are
System owners receive enhanced annual premium payments for solar production

Call us - we saw and touched the new panels at NECA 2009 in Seattle - & go to or


  You have seen us at these regular events:

KONP Home Show (February)
Home Remodel & Energy Expo
Olympic Energy EXPO (Fall)
Great Peninsula Future Festival (August)
Jefferson County Home Show (May)

NEWSLETTERS (going way back...)

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. publishes a quarterly newsletter, Olympic RE News, available through a free subscription or individual issues upon request or downloadable here in pdf format.

See a recap of the Solar 2007 conference in our
Fall 2007 issue.

The Fall 2006 issue is here and features
Solar Hot Water Systems The Fall 2005 issue is available, featuring a local SIP panel manufacturing firm, outlining the solar energy system planning process, and containing the usual book review and news.  The Spring 2005 issue is available, with North Cascades Hydro news, a book review, and editorials.  The Fall 2004 issue is also available.  The Summer 2003 issue was the company's first Special Issue, featuring hydroelectric power.

See some of our projects in the Fall 2007 issue of Olympic RE News.

See some more in the Fall 2008 issue of Olympic RE News, highlighting the release of the OPS Manual, review of Greg Pahl's "The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook", and Zero Energy Buildings.

 You must see the Spring 2009 issue of Olympic RE News, featuring Solar Thermal Systems...we provide a quick guide to systems and a summary of several manufacturers.  It is mainly about Solar Hot Water Systems.

See one of us at the Evergreen Solar plant (we didn't get this into a newsletter, though.)

Back to Business...

Can we troubleshoot your old solar hot water system?  Let OES help you go Solar Thermal, as the 30% Federal Tax Credits apply, while the solar domestic hot water and auxiliary space heat systems provide for energy savings and increased equity of your home or business.

While developing the TCS solar panel mounting system, we also continued our systems development, recently helping with a DIY system (grid-tied and ground-tied)...

(Solar energy, as far as the eye can see!)
(12) 265 Watt Suniva OPT PV
[Click pic above for more]

An addition to the solar PV family...  7.2 KW Grid-Tied
(This was installed for less than $5.25 per watt.)

An addition to the solar thermal family...  [click]

From the last Olympic Energy EXPO

Kirk Doray w/ visitor alongside a working Solar Hot Water Demo.  Thermomax Mazdon Evacuated Tubes shown.

...additions to the solar family on the North Olympic Peninsula...

Battery Box [For Sale $200 Call]       NEW Box - doubles storage!!           Production Meter (for incentives)

This 3200 Watt Grid-Tied Solar PV System provides 10 KWh of battery backup to all of the 110V
circuits in the house.  Delivery, PV Panel Installation, and Equipment Insta//////////llation took a few days,
while the study and design ahead of the installation took much longer.
  System: XW Series Inverter, Charge Controller, and Panel (from Xantrex), Concorde Sealed Batteries, Midnite Solar Battery Box, and Evergreen PV Panels. 

The new Helio-Pak is here!  This DHW preheat system came on line in June.
       (another fine installation by Greenspace and Northwest Gas Supply & Plumbing)




        An 8 ton pipeline is heavy, thus a flex joint at the top.     This grid-tied solar electric system cost $7.25 per watt.

       A recent off-grid (360 Watts PV, 10KWh storage)          The Mid-Nite Solar panel before (off-grid) inverter install


       A great job by the area's newest "Solar Contractor"!           See this sign and know that someone else is going solar
 (That vertical conduit goes to a 2280 Watt PV Array)          (with help from the Solar Architects at Olympic Energy)

We sometimes go beyond the North Olympic Peninsula...

      Scott from Current Electric wires an add-on PV string.  Fresh chalk line dust has settled on the original PV string.
 This site is in Kirkland, WA.

But we will always be around to support the North Olympic Peninsula...


      Structures To Go is at it again, delivering another energy efficient SIP building for a new shop in Port Angeles. 
      See the Olympic Energy Systems founder anywhere?

   H2O Plumbing Contractors has completed a 30 evacuated tube solar hot water preheat system in Sequim, WA USA
   Lang's 'Lectric is wiring the Differential Temperature Controller and (Battery-Backed Up) AC Pump ("Solar Station")

    Another Greenspace installation (in Port Angeles)           A recently installed Debris Gate assures 1000 KWh/Day
Precision Plumbing has already plumbed this system...we're waiting on the well water hookup.


A Gelato and a lot o' watts...
A 350 Watt motor drives the Gelato, while a 350 Watt solar array charges the bike's battery, via a larger battery bank in the garage.  The system operates free, while the initial investment (less than $5K for the bike, solar panels, battery, and inverter) actually pays off over time, far better than the gasoline-powered car it replaces.


FREE ADVICE: Do not forget the option to Go Small & Simple Solar! On or Off the Utility Grid.  That approach has worked for thousands.
(Appropriate applications make solar cost effective now - with or without incentives - call our consultants and we will explain how.  You do not have to directly compete with the economy of scale of utilities, until solar really does reach parity with conventional utility power in the years ahead.  Call and plan to become educated energy managers and invest wisely.)

ASK about our Solar Design Packages

(We assess your site and specify the system, so you can take "The Spec" out for bids.  Easy!)

Contractors - A snapshot and growing list of solar-related firms on the O.P.

  • Hanson Electric & Networks
  • Current Electric
  • Jarmuth Electric
  • Lang's 'Lectric
  • Cascade Electric
  • Extra Mile Tech & Electrical
  • Black Point Electric
  • West Sound Electric
  • Frederickson Electric
  • Greenspace Design & Landscaping Ltd
  • Alpha Builders Corporation
  • Sunrise Heating
  • Air-Flo Heating
  • H2O Plumbing Contractors
  • Precision Plumbing
  • NW Gas Supply & Plumbing
  • Shay's Plumbing
  • Bob Brown Plumbing
  • PT Creative Landscapes 
  • Power Trip Energy Corporation 
  • Solar Hot Water (SOLARHW9260S)
  • The Solar Water Group (SOLARWG923PC)
  • JET Plumbing & Heating

     ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS, are you looking for Solar Clients?

Olympic Energy Systems will help you go solar, through consulting with your customers, assessing sites for solar access and potential, specifying systems, and assisting you in learning about solar energy systems. CALL us.

As building architects help clients design and develop buildings, the System Architects at Olympic Energy Systems help clients develop renewable energy systems.

Hey!  Considering a net metering solar PV electric system?  Deciding between a solar hot water internal heat exchanger pre-heat tank and an external heat exchanger with existing hot water tank configuration?  Let us help you navigate the science, systems, and options available.  Is WINTER leaving you without powerLet OES design and install a solar-energized backup power system for your home or business.

  CALL or email to arrange a FREE* Initial Consultation

                                  The Energy Consultant

Residential, commercial, and industrial clients benefit from the professional services provided by Olympic Energy Systems. Inc.  Clients better achieve their technical and cost goals when assisted by an independent consultant ADVOCATE, who is not selling a particular line of products, but helps in the selection of appropriate products, system architectures, and development teams.  The company offers assistance in acquiring low-cost financing for solar energy projects.
Our FEE SCHEDULE describes the various services we provide, including Initial Consultations (Free), Solar Site Assessments, Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Design (to achieve System Specs), Project Management, Energy Consultations, and System Troubleshooting (on new or old systems).

Did you see our newspaper ad?  Do you want to read an interview with our senior consultant?

Do I need a Renewable Energy Consultant?               

The general public may have difficulty grasping the idea of a consultant, having traditionally been treated and marketed as consumers by industry.  The Renewable Energy industry, though more education-oriented than most, is indeed a business that sells products, and doing so ever more directly.  Our independent consultant System Architect role provides the decision support you need to make informed choices.

Given that clean renewable energy is indeed what we all need, what should a renewable energy consumer buy?  What are the options?  What is the best option?  Does it save the consumer money?  Does it help solve the "bigger" energy problems of the world?  Does it make sense?
A consultant treats the general public as clients, not merely consumers.  Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. (OES) is interested in three basic goals: 1) Incorporating Renewable Energy effectively for optimum performance, 2) Providing for the best economic return to the client, and 3) Improving the overall energy problems, while moving toward true sustainability.

OES does not charge for services until a project reaches Go Ahead, whereby preliminary designs and cost estimates exist.  OES charges on a negotiated fee basis, paid upon project completion.  The OES consultant (system architect) is paid for actually achieving targeted performance goals that provide for a positive economic return to the client.

Network Philosophy

OES has in the past provided its own team to install solar, wind, and small-scale hydroelectric energy systems.  With formation of the Olympic Energy Network, we have expanded that great team.  We use licensed and bonded electricians, general contractors, and plumbing and heating professionals. 


Our brochure is available in pdf format.

In addition to its core Systems Development group, Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. has a newer Product Development group (based in Ohio), focusing on two main technology areas (Buildings & Transportation) plus R&D.

                         Some Project Portfolios

Project Portfolios...      

What does a typical Solar Photovoltaic System look like?

What does another typical Solar PV System look like?
What does Clallam County's first Grid-Tie Solar PV System look like?

Here is a Roof Top Solar PV system.
Here is another Roof Top Solar PV system, with a unique equipment mount.

What does a typical small Hydro-Electric Power System look like?

See a modest size Hydro-Electric Power System....

See a Hydro System capable of powering 20 homes on the North OP.

What does a Solar Hot Water System look like?  We know it feels warm!

Look at this quite useful Off-Grid PV System.

Yes, another Grid-Tied PV System, but this one will zero the utility meter and has a view!
Here's a dual solar energy system...Grid-Tied with Battery Backup and Solar Hot Water

Another, but smaller, Grid-Tied Solar Electric with Battery BackupRenewable Energy Consulting and System Developmen
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