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Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. is an energy system development and consulting firm based on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State USA.  The company provides expertise and support to clients considering renewable energy systems - solar electric, solar thermal, wind power, micro-hydro power, and other systems.

Through consultation, site surveys, trade studies, research, system design, and project management, clients find that they have an advocate to assure cost effective and optimal energy systems.


The company's founder and senior consultant is an electrical engineer with over 20 years of industry experience.  Specializing in electric power systems, the firm has designed and developed photovoltaic, solar hot water, and hydroelectric systems, and conducted due diligence and design for wind power systems.


Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. offers custom designed grid tie photovoltaic systems and is a former Shell Earthsafe Solution Provider, whereby clients achieve affordable, high quality, roof-mounted, grid-inter tied, photovoltaic systems sized to their needs.  A simple read is this link - WHO WE ARE [pdf].

A journal article featuring Olympic Energy Systems sums up what we do.

We primarily serve Jefferson, Clallam, and Kitsap Counties in Washington State.

Our Fee Schedule describes the various services we provide, including Initial Consultations (Free), Solar Site Assessments, Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Design (to achieve System Specs), Project Management, Energy Consultations, and System Troublehooting (on new or old systems).

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. consists of two main operating groups:

Systems Development
(in Port Townsend, WA), specializing in Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, and other renewable energy systems, and Product Development (in Huron, OH), developing energy efficient solutions for Buildings and Transportation Systems, while hosting a Research & Development effort aimed at optimizing and applying current state of the art technology. 

Energy system construction, fabrication, assembly, installation, plumbing, and wiring are implemented via a network of contracting professionals, the Olympic Energy Network.  OES consultants serve as System Architects on a variety of energy projects, similar to the role of building architect with whom most of us are familiar.  Click the logo below for more information.

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Other system designs and solutions are available, including standby power, water pumping, off-grid, and other photovoltaic, wind, or hydro electric systems.  Other services are provided, including system checkout, inspections, and troubleshooting of existing power systems.  Through the use of its RCM ( Cost Model), the consultant can provide cost estimates, economic analysis, and cost sensitivity analysis to assist in the decision to procure or develop systems, allowing the client to identify the system type, size, economic conditions, and financing approach best suited for them.

Residential, commercial, and industrial clients benefit from the professional services provided by Olympic Energy Systems. Inc.  Clients better achieve their technical and cost goals when assisted by an independent consultant.  Company consultants understand technology, engineering, project management, and economics, and can design or assist in the design of systems appropriate for their clients.  The consultant is an ADVOCATE for the client, having essentially identical interests in a successful outcome.  For a printable summary of company services, select OES Handout.

The Renewable Energy industry, though more education-oriented than most, is indeed a business that sells products, and doing so ever more directly.  Most industries spend a lot of time and money getting consumers to buy things they really do not need.  Given that clean renewable energy is indeed what we all need, what should a renewable energy consumer buy?  What are the options?  What is the best option?  Does it save the consumer money?  Does it help solve the "bigger" energy problems of the world?  Does it make sense?

A consultant treats the general public as clients, not merely consumers.  Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. (OES) is interested in three basic goals: 1) Incorporating Renewable Energy effectively for optimum performance, 2) Providing for the best economic return to the client, and 3) Improving the overall energy problems, while moving toward true sustainability.

OES charges on a (modest and negotiated) fee basis, charging on an hourly basis as needed, as for client-requested out of scope work.  The OES consultant actually costs the clients nothing, since design and development services are paid with the documented savings provided through the use of independent technical services.

OES publishes a free quarterly newsletter, Olympic RE News, highlighting developed projects, current events, book reviews, and feature articles on energy-related matters.




Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. recently finished its active recruitment for a part time opportunity in the skilled position of Project Manager.  Many thanks to those who inquired or applied. []


Resume of the company's founder: 



A year at a hardware store helped him acquire the "nuts & bolts" knowledge of projects.

Professional Experience

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc.            2001-present             Port Townsend, WA


Consultant performing design and development of renewable energy and electric power systems; provide energy management services; perform site assessments; perform wind monitoring; draft proposals and coordinate projects.  Systems developed to date include off-grid and grid-tied solar electric and hydroelectric systems and solar hot water systems (flat plate and evacuated tube).


ECON, Incorporated                            1998-2001                Houston, TX


Senior Systems Engineer performing analysis of acquisition and operations costs of space transportation systems, as part of the ongoing Space Transportation Architecture Study (STAS) with NASA.  Utilize cost models to assist in determining development, production, and operations costs of proposed reusable launch vehicles.  Analyze technology development programs for risk and cost.  Provide cost and technical analysis support of the Space Shuttle Upgrades (including Auxiliary Power, Thermal Protection Systems, Avionics, and Propulsion), also leading the development of risk management plans.


The Boeing Company                          1989-1997                Seattle, WA


Systems Engineer in Electrical Systems performing duties as Equipment Manager in the      development of the 777 Airplane; responsible for project planning, development of specifications, sub-contractor coordination, system integration, and certification of the ARINC Signal Gateway (ASG) System, the second most integrated microprocessor-based system on the 777.  Test Engineer in the Electrical Systems Laboratory; responsible for developing electrical component tests and test equipment, in support of component flight certification; developed automated tests, motor controls, an optical power dropout detector, and machine tools.  Systems Engineer on the Command & Data Handling System of the International Space Station performing duties as hardware focal.  Initiated a Hardware Problem Review Board and MDM (computer hardware) Integration Team and coordinated sub-contractors in the development of hardware and resolution of integration issues.


Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.            1987-1989            Atlanta, GA                  Graduate CO-OP Engineer

                                                                                                            PC-based circuit testing

General Dynamics Corp.        1986-1987            Fort Worth, TX               Systems Engineer

                                                                                                            Avionics testing

New Departure Hyatt (GM)      1984-1985            Sandusky, OH              CO-OP Engineer

(now Delphi)                                                                                           Process engineering


Texas Solar Energy Society    1999-2001            Austin, TX                    Board Member and VP


Case Western Reserve University              BS Electrical Engineering                   1985

Georgia Institute of Technology                  MS Electrical Engineering                  1989

Solar Energy International                         Solar, Wind, Hydro Workshops           2000-2002

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