Renewable Energy
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A Design Science
A new Design Science exploring the more with less idea will have a profound impact on how we go about reconciling the capitalistic-free-enterprise-industrial-age-growth abounding now with the naturally-economic sustainability that existing long before - and will persist long after - the modern age.

The Tensioned Cable System for mounting solar panels on roof tops or the ground, with minimal impact to the environment, minimal embodied energy, and an economy of labor, is only a part of this enfolding Design Science, as envisioned and implemented in our TCS Design Guide.

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc., already embarking on commercializing its patented (G1) and patent pending (R1) mounting system designs, will continue along this design path through the unfolding trends in thin film photovoltaics, building integrated PV, and beyond - trends inspired by science, engineered by entrepreneurs, financed by capitalists, and assimulated by an increasingly aware population.
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